Curriculum vitæ

Personal information

Emanuele Aina ()
Alessandria (AL), Italy
About me

I love leading teams and helping people grow by working on what customers need, figuring out the right tools and the best approaches.

I've been involved in the Free Software/Open Source community since the past millennia and the thing that I learnt to love more than being able to hack on anything is the chance to meet a lot of amazing people.

Work experience

  1. 2012 - present
    Collabora Ltd. -
    Consultant Principal Software Engineer

    Leading the design and development of open source C/C++/Go/JS projects for desktop and embedded systems.

    • Technical lead of the Apertis team, developing the infrastructure to build custom Linux distributions targeting automotive and industrial/IoT deployments.
    • Performance optimization of WebKit2GTK+ Accelerated Compositing and WebGL on a custom ARM system with cross-VM virtualized GPU.
    • Implementation of Accelerated Compositing in WebKit2GTK+ under Wayland using an internal nested Wayland compositor between the UIProcess and WebProcesses.
    • Performance optimization of WebKitGTK+/GNOME Web on Raspberry Pi (implementation of Tiled Backing Store, reorganization of timer and network callback priorities, hardware accelerated JPEG decoding with OpenMAX, multi-threaded parallel tile redrawing).
    • Performance optimization of hybrid multimedia application using WebKit-Clutter for the frontend and C# for the backend on a extremely resource constrained ARM platform.
    • Gesture and inertial smooth scrolling in WebKit-Clutter.
    • Integration of DLNA services in upstream GNOME applications using the dLeyna framework from Intel.
  2. 2012 - present
    Freelance -
    Independent Consultant

    Full stack Web application design and validation (Ansible, PostgreSQL, Python, PHP, JS).

  3. 2008 - 2012
    Studio Associato Di Nunzio e Di Gregorio -
    Independent Consultant

    Full stack Web application design and development.

    • Web application frontend design and implementation (cross-browser HTML and JS).
    • High-performance REST backends for Web applications in C# running under Mono.
    • Database design and administration using PostgreSQL.
    • System administration of a server farm running Debian.
    • Linux kernel programming for embedded real-time projects.
    • Groupware service configuration and administration (Postfix, Dovecot, GroupOffice, Samba, Alfresco, Zimbra, Asterisk).
    • LAN infrastructure planning (VoIP, cabled Internet connectivity, WiFi network separation for guests, mail and file-sharing) for a 40-people office doing heavy multimedia-related works.

Education and training

  1. 2005 - 2008
    Master's degree in Computer Engineering, graduation mark 110/110
    Dissertation title
    Distributed system for secure file sharing over local networks (Sistema distribuito per l’invio sicuro di file su rete locale)
    Politecnico di Torino, Torino (TO), Italy
  2. 2001 - 2005
    Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, graduation mark 106/110
    Dissertation title
    Implementation of a syntax highlighting engine for GtkSourceView (Implementazione di un motore per la colorazione della sintassi in GtkSourceView)
    Politecnico di Torino, II Facoltà di Ingegeria, Vercelli (VC), Italy

Personal skills and competencies

Italian (mother tongue), English (fluent).
Technical skills and competences
Programming languages:
  • C, Python, C++, C#, JavaScript, PHP, SQL VHDL, Unix Shell, Go.
Document/data modeling languages:
  • HTML5 and CSS3, XML (XSLT, DTD, Schema, and RelaxNG), RDF
Development tools:
  • Git, Jenkins, Docker, MonoDevelop, Meson, GNU autotools, JHBuild, Yocto/OpenEmbedded, Phabricator, GitHub.
Technologies and libraries:
  • Extensive knowledge of the WebKit compositing subsystem for the GTK+ port.
  • jQuery
  • Django, Drupal, WordPress
  • PostgreSQL SQL dialect
  • Unix/Linux APIs (POSIX), GTK+/GNOME
System administration:
  • Debian, Ansible, LibVirt/KVM VM management tools, systemd, iptables, Monit, Apache, nginx, Postfix, Dovecot
Open source
See my em- account on Ohloh and my em- account on GitHub for a (partial) list of my open source contributions, from the busybox embedded Linux userland to the libraries for the GNOME Desktop Environment.